Thursday, July 29, 2010

I didn't even know I needed one!

This is the first blog entry in a community blog about the iPad for the Solon Community School District. We are piloting the usage of the device in a few of our classrooms. This blog is where teachers can record their thoughts and experiences for others to benefit from. Tentative post ideas:

  • Lessons that are significantly aided by the iPad
  • Lessons that would have been impossible without the iPad
  • iPad's effect on group work.
  • iPad's integration into our current technology infrastructure (ease/frustration)
  • Student response and instinctual treatment of the device (abuse/care)
  • Redundancy with laptops for future purchase ($iPad < $laptop)

This blog is open for anyone in the SCSD to publish a post. Shoot Matt or Shawn an email and they will get you some author credentials. Happy touch screening!

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